Rabbit Creek is a unique church reaching a diverse community. To help us walk together better, we have created Dedicating the Journey as a time for parents of any age children to create a touchstone. To create a moment in time to look back on and say, “From this point forward our family…”

Rabbit Creek Church Children’s Ministry is not child care, but a mission field:

First to the children: actively showing them God’s love, discipling them, and helping them to be on mission.

​Second to the parents: allowing them to worship knowing their children are well cared for, and partnering with them in their family’s Faith Journey.


Our infant nursery is located on the main level, and classrooms for 3 – PreK are upstairs in our tree fort play area. Check-in is located to the left of the main entrance. We use Hands On Bible curriculum by Group Publishing for the Toddlers – PreK classes. Supervision is provided by a combination of paid staff and volunteers. Adults are able to volunteer to provide childcare after worshiping with us for 3 months and passing a background check.


We offer an elementary-age, PreK-5th Grade, children’s service each week downstairs in our children’s hall, where we worship and go through a message typically based on the current sermon series. We follow it up with fun application activities to help engage with the message.


On Sunday Morning our students participate with the Rabbit Creek Church Main Campus. This is a very deliberate choice focused on engaging with an intergenerational body of believers. They worship, learn and give as a part of their larger family of faith. These relationships are key to growing into their own faith and feeling the power of the larger body of Christ. Youth groups can be hard to walk into. They’re all too often too cliquish, full of odd jargon and housed in oddly decorated back closets. Ours isn’t any of those things. We seek to foster a fun place to gather where everyone knows the rules. Students meet every Tuesday during the school year for activities, worship, bible study and prayer groups. These groups meet at our Huffman Campus from 6:00 to 8:00pm. Our small groups are currently using literature by Student Life designed to stimulate conversation and challenge students to think about their faith.

We will be providing event information and other resources for our parents. Please check here regularily for any materials we might provide to help you.

All of our family information is updated by our Student minister.